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People find themselves looking at my website for a variety of reasons. You could be here because things may be getting too much for you and there doesn't seem to be 'light at the end of the tunnel'. Or do you feel alone with a problem, standing on shaky grounds? Would it help to have a new perspective? Coming to counselling during these times can help you stabilise and begin to move forward.


My goal is to provide attentive and meaningful help. I want you to be comfortable and have results, whether this is your first experience or you've had counselling in the past. We take a clear-eyed look at your life and surroundings, find new approaches and make a plan. Counselling is serious, but it can be frank and funny, too.


My clients are people of many backgrounds who are facing a current crisis, or a longer term issue. We talk about how relationship/career/health/personal history or other important situations are affecting quality of life, and develop better ways to cope.


I realise that people may need to overcome preconceptions about counselling, and get past the idea that participating means they are weak, crazy, or self-indulgent. Nearly everyone has a time in their life where they can benefit from the support and insight of a professional perspective - no stigma.


You are welcome!


Counselling/Coaching sessions can be offered in English or German.