When the same things keep happening over and over, and you realise you are in a rut but don't know how to get out, talking with a counsellor can shed light on beliefs and behaviours, and reveal why you are in pain, frustrated and unhappy. Sharing with a skilled counsellor can bring immense relief and create sustainable change.


Through working with me you can expect to feel relief from overwhelming feelings and thoughts. Your self-awareness will increase, benefitting you with more self-confidence and strength to create sustainable change and manage conflict. In working with me you will learn skills and techniques to have a more fulfilling and intimate relationship with yourself and other important people in your life.

Working one-on-one, I support you to make meaningful and effective changes in your life so that you feel happier, more in control and more fulfilled.


I help clients who are experiencing difficulties with:

  • identity and self-esteem
  • feeling stuck
  • separation, loss and grief
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • life stage transitions and change
  • cross-cultural counselling
  • culture shock



Sorry, I'm currently not available for counselling sessions.