Moving to a new country is always exciting.

But: After the initial euphoria, there is often a sobering-up period, and you discover that, no matter where you are, the sun still rises in the morning and goes down at night. What you have achieved by moving to a new country does not meet with the sort of awe and admiration you could well do with in a foreign country. Even though you knew that in theory such phases were bound to happen as part of the general upheaval, you can't really imagine how it feels until it happens.

Sometimes you really enjoy living life as an unknown quantity, and at other times you find you resent it. These feelings will fluctuate from time to time and, depending on your current mood you will be able to deal with them better at some times than at others.

But sometimes there are also times you don't know how to live on and you won't even know whom to ask.

Many immigrants have dreams and expectations but all too often these dreams and expectations turn into discontent and disappointment. Many immigrants had successful careers in their home countries but find themselves living and working in positions a step down. Inside they feel and know that something is missing. They simply find themselves stuck in the wrong life. An overwhelming feeling of not having it all suddenly sets in and along with it no clue as to what to do about it. 

Which way?


Please ask yourself:


    Am I experiencing feelings of …

  • Stagnancy, discontentment and frustration, self-blame, self-doubts and loss of self-confidence
  • Overwhelm, confusion and inadequacies, failure and insignificance or simply, fear of the unknown 

    Am I feeling …

  • Disconnected from my life and confused about my next steps
  • Disappointed in my life, job or career
  • Overwhelmed by all the possibilities out there
  • Stuck wearing a façade of perfection and have no idea how to get over it   

   Do I find myself …

  • Wondering how to find my place
  • Craving a new life purpose
  • Lacking clarity and direction

    Do I think to myself …

  • What I am doing here? Why did I come here? What now?

If you feel that way it means that now is the perfect time to re-evaluate and discover what direction you need to take in order to live the life you envision for yourself. Once you have that clarity you will have the ability to make the right decisions for you.

And please know that it's completely normal for immigrants to feel that way!

It just means that you’re transitioning into another new and exciting life. Emigration can be actually a gift and time for personal growth. Once you understand and accept it you will be able to respect it, appreciate it and embrace it.


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